Current Issue: Volume II

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Letter From the Editor

Welcome to Volume Two of the Capital City Press Anthology. Collected on this website and through the links below is a wonderful tapestry of writing featuring diverse voices, topics, themes, and genres that represent Edmonton, and its strong and flourishing writing community. Volume One was launched in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Volume Two is being released as we grapple with how that has impacted our community and ourselves, for the better or worse. Many of the stories and poems shared here reflect this, even if they do not draw a direct line to the changes and challenges of the past few years. I hope the readers of this anthology find within these words some comfort, perhaps some surprises, space for reflection, and hope for the future.

My thanks go to the editorial team: Trisia Eddy, Charles Crittenden, Erin Carter, and Zoe Glassman. Their hard work and dedication to promoting and supporting local writers inspires me and I know this anthology wouldn’t be what it is without them.

An audio version of each of these pieces is forthcoming as well as a podcast. Thank you all, enjoy, and I look forward to sharing more local writing with you next year.

~ Katherine Gibson, on behalf of the Capital City Press Team.

Capital City Press Anthology in Audio: Volume II


The Collector by Elvira Berezowsky

The Power of Seven by Lynda Celentano

The Northern Lights by Bruce Cinnamon

Teddy Sleap by Maryleah de Zwart

wîcihitowin | paul kane by Meghan Eaker

Juvie by Louise Fairley

Rue by Louise Fairley

Never Leaving the Building by Myrna Garanis

Sign of the Goat by Wei Ling Goh

Mange by Travis Grant

Ode to a Nemesis (Open Letter to West Edmonton Mall) by Brenda L Gunn

conflicting feelings caused by the end of…or how I might lose my mother to cancer by Rayanne Haines

To Anchor by Rayanne Haines

Max by Robin James

His Favourites by Desiree Kendrick

Leaving Toronto by Chanel Klein

Of Halloweens and Sewing Machines by Ewa Kolacz

No One Loves You Like Your Mother by Katherine Koller

The Water Between by Laura Manuel

Borderlines, my Early Education by Anna Mioduchowska

Heat Wave by Sandra Mooney-Ellerbeck

Two Worlds by Sandra Mooney-Ellerbeck

English (Mutilated) by Orekogbe Moyosoreoluwa

arrival by Makda Mulatu

scheherazade’s oath by Makda Mulatu

Floricane by Caitlin Opdendries

What We Learned from the Baby Birds by Caitlin Opdendries

Of Microaggressions, Small Mercies and Big Miracles by Muno Osman

An Unnecessary Dialogue by Alexander Shay

November by Ann Sutherland

On Slicing a Mango One Midday by Uchechukwu Umezurike

the written word spells out in sequence what is quick and implicit in the spoken word. by Lucas Warren

An Apocalypse of Everyday Proportions by Katharine Weinmann

picnic by Jason Young

Cover images by Natahna Bargen-Lema and Shawna Lemay